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It has revolutionised the cleaning of narrow cavities and pipe work! A mini-nozzle is rotated by the force of water, and it sprays forwards or backwards. Can be used with any commercially available high-pressure cleaner. FlexClean's mini-nozzle with its small dimensions and flexible hose for an effortless insertion into pipes and narrow cavities.


  • For openings and pipes from 8 mm
  • Very flexible hose
  • Water connection 1/8" male thread
  • Hose length up to 8 m

The FlexClean mini-nozzle can be used to clean:


Vehicle radiators Drain outlets Overflows
Hoses Pipework Cooling water pipes
Heat exchangers Feed lines Milk tubes
Milking systems Laboratory equipment Machines
Bottles Water pipes Rain water drains
Cavities that are difficult to access Sanitary facilities Empty conduits
  and much more  


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