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E-Series electric drive

Ideal for cleaning jobs where an electric motor can be used as the drive for the spray head. Available with different spray heads, for infinite possible uses.


  • Electric drive
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Consistent rotation speed
  • Cleaning with a high pressure pump
  • Easy to maintain

H-Series water hydraulic drive

The H-Series models are suitable for cleaning jobs that use the force of the water for the spray head. The drive powered by water hydraulics was developed by MOOG and offers the highest level of safety and reliability.


  • Powered by water hydraulic motor
  • Very high level of safety
  • Variable rotation speeds
  • Low weight
  • Easy to maintain

A-Series air motor drive

Ideal for cleaning jobs where a pneumatic motor is used as the drive for the spray head. Eliminating the electric drive significantly increases the operational safety and means the rotation speed can be changed.


  • High quality air motor
  • Cleaning without an electrical connection
  • Variable rotation speed
  • Low weight


MOOG has designed a tank washer for cleaning specific tank sections or areas that operates with 2D instead of the conventional 3D movement. The spray head rotates around its own axis only, allowing the jet nozzles to clean in a circular motion. The angle, and hence the size of the cleaning circles, is infinitely adjustable.

The tank washers in the E, A and H series featuring the R-2D jet head can be used with up to 250 bar of operating pressure and a maximum water volume of 50 l/min.


  • Circular 2D movement
  • Precise cleaning or rinsing of containers or pipelines
  • Can be used up to a pressure of 250 bar

Swivel nozzle ERS-40

The new swivel nozzle is a universal high-pressure surface cleaning device for permanent installation in stationary cleaning equipment. This makes it possible to very efficiently clean specifically defined surfaces and in reproducible quality.


  • Highly efficient cleaning of surfaces
  • Swivels in a predefined range
  • Rotating point jet nozzle
  • Adjustable radius of action 0 - 3600
  • For 1/8" NPT nozzles and rotary nozzles

Mixer Washer

Special cleaning system for mixing containers with excellent cleaning results. The MOOG Mixer Washer HD, specially developed for pan and planetary mixers, guarantees extensive cleaning with low water consumption.


  • Outstanding cleaning results even with stubborn dirt
  • Lower personnel costs and brief downtime thanks to a fully automatic cleaning of the interior
  • Saving up to 40% on water compared to cleaning by hand
  • Fully adjustable vertical positioning using the flange with clamping ring
  • Ready-to-install system for mixers of different sizes
  • Spray head specially developed for the requirements of the cement industry

Tank mount

Clever tank mount, which holds the tank washer in position during cleaning. Quick and safe installation within a few minutes. The position of the spray head remains adjustable at all times. Available for all current tank makes.


  • Quick installation
  • Holds the spray head in position
  • Tank washer remains movable
  • For all tanks with equal manhole size


An extensive and high quality range of accessories for all models, which can be adapted to suit individual needs.

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